Ethnic Marketing
without borders.

For successful brands, shopping is not merely a task; it is an opportunity to create indelible memories and lasting impressions.
In-store visibility is key to winning basket share, growing brand penetration, winning share of promotional space
and maximizing brand front of mind awareness.

At za:media we've curated a dynamic network of over 300 enthusiastic, experienced promoters, each dedicated to transforming your consumers' shopping occasion into a memorable brand experience. From comprehensive shop audits to strategic merchandising, immersive store branding, and engaging shop and street promotions, our versatile team is committed to infusing energy, excitement, and happy vibes into every corner of the shopping experience.

Store Activation

Winning Ways at Point of Purchase:
Elevate your Brand to the top of the
shopping list with Tailored Store Activations

Where there is an ethnic store, there is a pathway to impactful activations. We continually expand our database of store contacts, ensuring unparalleled access to geographies and ethnic consumers beyond the reach of other agencies. Covering not just the German market but all European countries with large ethnic diasporas, we empower our clients to build from effective regional test, & learn, to refine, optimize and scale up to pan European campaigns with consistently outstanding results.

We go where others won’t and can’t.


Store Audits

Category price audit

Brand retail audit (distribution, price, merchandising)

Retailer and shopper research


Store Branding

On-Shelf Merchandising

In-Shelf Branding

Off-Shelf Storage Branding (entrance, till, destination isles)


Store Activation

New brand/product launches

Distribution drives

Cross selling & up-selling activations

Shopper engagement


Street Marketing

Promotion around the shop to bring more customers

Branding the shops for different occasions

Event Management
Execution without compromise.

Throughout the year, opportunities abound to create or participate in events and festivals at the heart of
the ethnic community calendar. From summer melas to culture shows, our team's experience delivers prime
location and drives visitor participation that delights, makes memories, and gets shared so your brand is
embraced by the whole community.

Happy Holi Festival
Paris / France

Beyond the Stand, Behind the Scenes! Our exclusive event coverage didn‘t stops at the stand – we crafted a dynamic social media documentary, featuring one of our influencers.

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Hype Festival
Oberhausen / Germany

From creative design to effective build and excellence in execution with chic hair styling sessions, engaging giveaways and captivating social media live streams, our stand delivered center stage for Cantu.

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Milan Summer Festival
The Hague / Netherlands

From sumptuous samples prepared and shared on stand to Irresistible Promotional Offers and a stylish Photo Station! An immersive experience that really caught the imagination of festival goers!

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Unlocking the Festive Calendar
Crafting Irresistible Campaigns for Festive Moments

While many festivals have religious roots, their celebrations transcend belief to become social events that bring families
together for fun, food and friendship. On these occasions, the shopping basket expands, shoppers trade up and home
chefs unleash their culinary flair, whilst we infuse some za:media magic into these festive times to create campaigns that
reach further and resonate actively with the target audience to create memorable experiences at every turn

Promotion in and around community places of worship for
the purpose of celebrations.

Either through partnerships with religious organizations such as churches, mosques, or temples at a local level to promote a product or through geo-targeted promotional activations in strategically placed locations adjacent to the venue to reach the desired target group.

There are also numerous religious events, such as the Muslim Annual Gathering in the South of France or Jalsa Salana (Germany and UK), which bring together thousands of people every year. These provide opportunities for sponsorship, brand activation and sampling on a large scale.

Many Mosques are open to brand promotions that enhance the occasion and are implemented in a culturally sensitive way around important Muslim holidays, such as Ramadan. za:media has an outstanding record of sponsoring e.g. Iftar Dinners, Eid Events and Friday Prayers.

za:media as event sponsor and participant (we are there with a booth and tailored animation), benefits from extra visibility before, during and after a number of these events to put the agency in prime position to attract customers and better showcase our clients‘ brands.

Pan European Ramadan and Diwali Campaigns

The annual three-month Ramadan Campaign unites European countries through activities promoting understanding and unity, emphasizing core values like empathy and charity.

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Our annual Diwali Events and Promotions in Gurdwaras impact over 7 million people across Europe, fostering unity and joy through traditional performances and cultural activities.

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Influencer, Social Media
and all Digital Touchpoints

Achieving vast reach, our unique influencer campaigns feature a database of over 350 relevant ethnic influencers in Europe. Our dedicated kitchen studio. equipped with professional gear. allows content creation for videos, reels, and shorts. Collaborating closely veith influencers, we amplify brand presence and creativity and push it out to retailers with their own digital platforms.

Influencer, Social Media
and all Digital Touchpoints

Achieving vast reach, our unique influencer campaigns feature a database of over 350 relevant ethnic influencers in Europe. Our dedicated kitchen studio, equipped with professional gear, allows flexible content creation for videos, reels, and shorts. Collaborating closely with influencers, we amplify brand presence and creativity and push it out to retailers with their own digital platforms.

Recruitment of appropriate influencers for brand campaigns (relevance, authenticity, reach, engagement, and overall suitability for your brand or campaign).

Price and content creation negotiation, including asset ownership/usage rights.

Location management (find & coordinate) for consistent, brand appropriate look and feel.

Link and redirection to client‘s social media, WhatsApp share with key retailers.

Pushing specific message with a Call To Action.

Report on performance after completion of the campaign.

We have our own database with
over 350 influencers in Europe
from different ethnic corridors with
a wide array of content styles.

Media Creative and Buying

To maintain flexibility, we handle most media productions in-house. Our multicultural team (10 individuals with a diverse skillset) collaborates with a network of freelancers. This enables us to support your brand building and communication ambitions with a steady stream of fresh and engaging brand assets that really resonate with your target audience. Drawing on our knowledge of ethnic communities and their gathering places, our media buying team selects prime outdoor locations, print placements and radio spots as well as optimizing your digital campaign footprint (Display, Paid Social, Video etc.) for maximum brand reach and amplification. From billboards near places of worship to Postering in cultural institutions and airtime interviews with influencers, we create a strong bond between your brand and the community, showcasing your investment in shared values and beliefs.

Local Targeting

OOH allows for precise geographic targeting,
ensuring your message reaches the right local
audience in specific regions or neighborhoods.

Creative Flexibility

With various formats, including billboards, transit ads, street furniture, and digital screens, allowing you to tailor your message to the environment.

Wide Audience Reach

OOH reaches a vast and diverse audience, including commuters, pedestrians, and travelers, ensuring your message cuts across a broad demographic.

Location Selection

Our experience and knowledge of the ethnic communities and their assembly points enables us to select prime locations that drive the maximum reach for your brand messaging.

Community Engagement

Signage near places of worship can serve as a means of engaging with the local community. Messages that resonate with the values and interests of the community can create a strong bond between your brand and the people who frequent these places.

Positive Associations

Being associated with cultural institutions can convey a positive image of your brand. It shows that your company is invested in the community and cares about its values and beliefs.

2.75 mio

reach with our city
centric hotspot

za:media® TV

With over 200 za:media-Owned TV Screens in European Ethnic Grocery Stores, we have a platform that can connect you with a monthly audience of over 1.5 mio ethnic shoppers.

75+ screens in Germany

45+ screens in Italy

30+ screens in Belgium

25+ screens in the Netherlands

25+ screens in Austria

>1.5 mio

reach per month for
all 200 TV screens


for 30 screens in Belgium with a reach of 320.000,
(incl. 20% discount, if booking is for 12 month)

Eyes and Ears, on the ground, everywhere, all the time

To our clients we are an extension of their route to market network. We are on the streets, in the stores, talking to store staff and shoppers, catching up with community leaders and keeping our fingers on the ethnic community pulse because better understanding and first-hand knowledge delivers better solutions, secures access to privileged opportunities, and opens a path to tactical quick wins not accessible to competitors.