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Our team‘s strength lies in our rich diversity, not just comprising individuals from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, but also age and experience. We go beyond mere awareness of your target audience; we intimately understand them. We do not only speak their language but are intimately familiar with their way of life… providing insights into their ways of living, working, shopping, and leisure environments, the way they form opinions, make decisions and the different forces that influence them.

At za:media our ethos is built on curiosity, expertise, confidence, collaboration, and tenacity. We’ve strategically combined seasoned wisdom with youthful enthusiasm, turning what may seem impossible into realized achievements. Excellence in execution is paramount for us. While acknowledging the inherent challenges in every project, our philosophy revolves around progress rather than perfection. We place great emphasis on active listening, perpetual learning, and a commitment to continuous improvement, always seeking to enhance the value we bring to each endeavor. Join us on a journey where diversity meets expertise, and together, we navigate the nuanced landscapes of People, Places, Cultures and Connections with utmost professionalism and dedication.

Qamar Zaman

CEO / Founder


Qamar, the agency‘s founder and CEO for the past two decades, is driven by a desire to bring structure, innovation, and excellence to Ethnic Marketing across Europe. Qamar has a vision; turning it into a reality is his passion. The success of za:media is driven by combining long term strategy with decisive action, bringing best practice from the mainstream to the world of ethnic marketing and adapting it to all the complexities of the ethnic retail channel and exploring new ways for improving and building the agency’s capabilities. Outside of the office Qamar is a devoted husband & family man, raising three children, and a perpetually curious technophile.

Nitik Narang



A few years ago, Nitik started working as a promoter at za:media. As our Mr. Fix It, he has an intimate experience of the challenges our teams on the ground face when implementing campaigns. His easy-going style is deceptive, Nitik is always on the job, so it is no surprise he quickly rose to the position of CEO. He has contributed significantly to the success in recent years. Introducing new processes, managing, mentoring, and inspiring young team members to achieve their best. Nitik’s focus today is on ensuring effective execution across all agency services to deliver measurable outcomes and scalable campaigns that cross geographies and cultures. Outside of work, Nitik loves to travel and is always up for a bit of competition – whatever the game!

Meet our Campaign Managers
for all South-Asian Projects

In the South Asian segment, our team boasts the expertise of four highly skilled and exceptionally motivated project managers. These individuals are dedicated to meticulously planning and seamlessly executing a diverse array of campaigns. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every initiative is not only well-prepared but also successfully implemented, measured, and reported. Through their collective efforts, we navigate the complexities of the South Asian target market, delivering impactful and tailored campaigns that resonate with this diverse audience.

Top 4 Team Members for South Asian Campaigns

Vipul Bansal
Senior Project Manager


Arun Muthu
Marketing Project Manager


Kanishk Kandi
Marketing Project Manager


Aryan Kumar
Assistant Project Manager


More about za:media®

Our team includes permanent employees in procurement, creative services, media buying and tech support who work together with over 30+ freelancers from across Europe on the campaigns.This allows us to have sufficient on-site presence in all European countries, to prepare our campaigns more effectively and draw on a broad base of specialist expertise across all our agency services.

Our Employees Speak a Variety of Languages













In-House Capabilities

We understand the importance of agility and efficiency in preparing your advertising campaigns, which is why we handle most tasks right here within our dedicated team. Our In-House Capabilities encompass the entire spectrum of services required for seamless campaign development, ensuring that you receive the best possible service. From strategy formulation to meticulous planning and flawless execution, we‘ve got it all covered.

Our team is equipped to handle all related design work and asset creation, PR activities, social media management, editorial tasks, general project management, event organization, distribution, and sales efforts, as well as video and photo productions. At za:media, we believe that having these diverse capabilities under one roof not only streamlines the process but also allows us to maintain a cohesive and integrated approach to every project and deliver consistently high quality.

This commitment to in-house expertise enables us to deliver exceptional results, ensuring that your brand marketing and advertising campaigns stand out in today‘s competitive landscape.

Eyes and Ears, on the ground, everywhere, all the time

To our clients we are an extension of their route to market network. We are on the streets, in the stores, talking to store staff and shoppers, catching up with community leaders and keeping our fingers on the ethnic community pulse because better understanding and first-hand knowledge delivers better solutions, secures access to privileged opportunities, and opens a path to tactical quick wins not accessible to competitors.