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Iceland Promotion

In 2017 za:media launched a large-scale promotional tour in order to promote the brand awareness of MoneyGram in Iceland and to introduce the public to their new chain of stores 10/11. Three teams with two promoters each were in action for four days, covering locations like bus stations, new MoneyGram affiliate shops and the respective city hot spots. Potential customers were approached; chocolate and flyers were given away as merchandise and the attention was drawn to the company’s latest offers. A MoneyGram car with imprinted advertisements could be seen gaining the attention of people throughout Iceland. Likewise, flyers were distributed to associations and organizations targeting migrants in Iceland. More than 10,000 people were directly addressed in this way and the brand awareness of MoneyGram in Iceland was strengthened. Moreover, the promoters gained a valuable insight of the needs and wishes of the target group, which could directly be passed on to the customer.