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Ethnic marketing is more important than ever

Around 17 million people have a migration background in the Federal Republic. In order to persuade these fellow citizens through targeted advertising of products and services tailored to their needs, ethnic marketing is the only reliable approach. An excellent phase of analysis, well-founded knowledge of the ethnic groups, a strong networking in the communities and intuition are indispensable when it comes to this strategy.

In the meantime, many Germans with a migrant background are already in the second or third generation of living in Germany. According to studies, young people in particular are brand-conscious, status- and consumption-oriented, have good jobs and are therefore an attractive, well-funded target group.

Even the refugees, who at present have little purchasing power, are already becoming the focus of far-sighted companies. Customer and brand loyalty are key to work with the future. Anyone who is allowed to stay here, has the need for products and services – and tailor-made advertising sooner or later. Marketing activities that reach this specific audience need to take place where you meet. The questions that arise for each group, whether Turks, Indians, Bulgarians or Polish are: where to reach them? Where are they staying? Ethnic marketing agencies work with versatile strategies and move on to new, innovative ground.