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We conquer new target groups for your company

Germany is a country of cultural diversity. But although every fourth inhabitant in Germany has a migration background, many companies still rely on classic marketing strategies that are geared towards the German cultural area. A big mistake, because the potential of the ethnic groups in Germany is criminally ignored and underestimated. Anyone who wants to lead their company successfully into the future therefore relies on ethnic marketing – an industry that has discovered the different communities in Germany as target groups with high sales.


Companies that understand the wishes and cultural characteristics of these population groups and respond to them create a great competitive advantage for themselves. However, ethnomarketing requires a sure instinct. Lifestyle, mentality and cultural peculiarities must be taken into account and integrated into the marketing campaign. In other words:
The “language” of the individual communities needs to be learned.

“A Different Language is a Different Vision of Life”

Federico Fellini

As one of the leading agencies in the field of ethnic marketing, we are proficient in these “languages” – we understand and speak them fluently. We have the experience and sensitivity that allow us to tailor a campaign to the desired target group. Whether online marketing, classic print media or events – our team, which includes many employees with a migration background, is very familiar with the mentality and attitude to life of the communities and knows how to reach them directly.
We benefit from a huge network that we have built up in Germany and many European countries. In Germany we are in close contact with the African, Indian, Pakistani, Romanian and Polish communities. Even if our home base is right in the heart of Mannheim – with an international team, we are also present and active outside of Germany – such as in Great Britain, France, Spain and Romania. Due to our many years of work, constant contact building and valuable experience, we can look back with pride on a worldwide customer base.

Would you also like to advertise your products effectively and reach new target groups without detours? Benefit from our know-how, our experience and our network.


  • Creation of emotional and community-related advertising material
  • Cooperation with mosques
  • Careful selection and manufacture of the required goods (prayer rugs)
  • Task Force advertising on nearby booked billboards
  • IPad based surveys to analyze purchasing behavior and customer needs


  • Logo branding on various tourist coaches who travel between Rumania and various other European countries
  • Brand building on ticket booking and coach travel websites
  • “Connecting advertisement”: Task Force Promotion on main stations during rush hours
  • Advertisement boots within stores
  • Promoters advertising for services and products and conducting surveys
  • Shop Branding
  • Distribution of goods/samples for shop owners and customers


  • Internal development of advertising material
  • Organization of promotional tours in the main areas
  • A Za: media employee is always present to supervise and document the activity


  • Creation of a storyline
  • Recording of video by our digital team
  • Cut through our digital team with music and subtitles
  • Share the videos for use on agreed media and your own portal (if available)


  • Care of the community
  • Facebook postings in Facebook target groups
  • Facebook postings on your own portals (if available)
  • Create social media content (English contest?), Creation of a hashtag
  • Realization of Facebook Live Streams
  • You-Tube video advertising and channel management
  • Placement of advertising banners on community pages (outside the media)


  • Za: media already has the database for the area and the type of community that works / lives there
  • For new projects and locations, za: media will find the right areas to reach the target group
  • Branding and production of the care packages for seasonal workers: with useful items such as slippers, refreshments, towels, hand fans, etc.
  • Capacity to distribute over 10,000 packages in one session
  • 2-3 events are held every year


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We will do it!