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Ethnic marketing

In Germany, every fifth inhabitant has a migration background. That is a good 20 percent of all people living in Germany. A study from 2016 shows that 42 percent of this 17 million people target group perceive their lifestyle as not sufficiently represented in advertising. Exactly that is where za:media comes into the picture.









Where are the Indians, Africans, Pakistanis, Romanians, Bulgarians and the Polish in Germany and what are their interests? We bring marketing strategies exactly to the respective target group. Experience goes hand in hand with the knowledge of where and how the communities can be reached. This is varies for each population group. Whether very affine for digital media or convinced only by personal conversations, our international team of specialists from diverse countries, know exactly how to proceed.


Depending on the product and the customer, the possibilities are as different as they are diverse. Websites, social media channels and community forums are very relevant in modern marketing. Analog approaches, especially in the ethnic section are not to be underestimated either. Our promoters engage directly with the target groups around the world and are close to their needs.

With events that bring the flair and lifestyle of the respective population group to Germany, people can be brought together where they can be reached most efficiently.

In the digital domain, it is also invaluable to be present on platforms where the communities like to stay and exchange. Therefore za:media has launched four online portals. On these sites Germany based Indians, Pakistanis, Africans and Romanians find the latest event calendar, practical tips and news about their life in Germany.


The India! Portal was launched in 2011. Lifestyle and cultural topics are just as popular as travelogues and the best recipes from all regions of India. Of course, the latest daily news from Bollywood cannot be missed.


The Africa! Portal has delighted the readership of the African diaspora in Germany since 2015. The focus is on countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Morocco and Ghana. Cultural topics, interviews with personalities from the community and news about music, fashion and lifestyle are demanded. Regular recipes and rich travel reports complete the concept.


News about the Pakistani community in Germany, news from Pakistan itself, cultural background information and a good dose of infotainment have been enjoyed by the loyal readership since 2017.


Dordecasa has targeted all Romanians living in Germany since 2017. Whether freshly arrived or old-established, the entire Romanian community finds a suitable mix of current events, city guides and articles on social and cultural topics.