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Ethnic marketing- the key to competitive success?

Many German companies lose much of their sales potential due to their classic marketing activities focusing exclusively on a German target group.
Germany, however, is a multicultural country consisting of a multinational population from Africa, India, Russia, Poland, Croatia or Italy, just to mention a few. It is self-evident that in order to attract those target groups, individualized marketing concepts must be developed.

Companies that adapt to the cultural needs and wishes of those groups will profit from a tremendously high competitive advantage. By including ethnic marketing, companies can communicate directly with their customers.

What kind of special features can be observed in ethnic marketing?

In order successfully apply the concept of ethnic marketing, a high cultural sensitivity is required. Therefore, it is indispensable to do detailed research for each target group. Companies might lose their reputation should they lack cultural sensitivity for the specific background of the target group. It can lead to cultural misunderstandings of advertisement messages. To avoid those cultural misunderstandings ethnic marketing agencies like za:media GmbH came into being. Having strong cultural competences, the multinational team can empathize perfectly with the respective target group. The promotors, for instance, are in continuous contact with the communities and thus, function as a connecting element between the communities and the company.

What kind of marketing possibilities does ethnic marketing provide for the company?

Mistakes in addressing the customers can be made if not enough target group research was done. Due to its specialization on that topic, ethnic marketing can help to avoid those mistakes in advance. An example of showing cultural sensitivity would be to send Christmas cards or Easter greeting cards only to customers having a Christian background and to design individualized greeting cards for special festivities of non-Christian target groups.
The ethnic marketing department can be outsourced to marketing agencies, because they are specialized in intercultural communication and can thus professionally mediate between the company and their respective target group. For instance, the agencies use print advertisement in foreign newspapers or advertise through online portals to establish direct contact to the target group. In addition to that, the social media channels play a key role.

Diversity- a starting point to gain access to a multinational world

In order to be well-prepared to meet the specific needs of the customers, many companies hire employees with a migration background as they have a strong sense of the foreign culture and can thus optimally understand the problematics involved. Additionally, this serves as an improvement to the labor-market situation of ethnic minorities. Altogether, ethnic marketing is not only extremely effective and useful, but also promotes intercultural understanding among different ethnic groups.