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Agency life today: Meaningful tasks and work-life balance

In the everyday life of agencies, a cultural change has been observed for some time.

Hierarchies are outdated. A new generation wants to fulfill itself, make a difference and develop strategies, in which individuals can find themselves and their current environment represented. The new magic word for a better future is diversity.

Personal differences and different cultures create a new, extended horizon. The focus is on doing something meaningful while combining career, leisure and family.

The days in which agencies could take out the last energies of their employees are over. Freedom, as well as flexibility for a life planned outside of work, as well as having a space for creativity within the job, are crucial factors nowadays. Modern agencies are in a process of realignment, meaning working hours that get more attractive and jobs more flexible.

Za:media has been promoting young talent since the beginning. The company offers tools and the necessary freedom for individual development. During the agency’s everyday life, it moves freely through space – and through matter. Right from the start, trust and the autonomy of each individual are key to succesful cooperation. Also, the community inside and outside the agency is supported. With marketing measures in the intercultural area, the coexistence of the cultural diversity is cultivated. And this plan pays off.

The identification with the workplace is strong – the various communities in Germany are enthusiastic about events and actions that za:media implements for their customers.